So this is my announcement that change is afoot. Not an arm, not a leg, not a head nor an elbow, but afoot. This is also my attempt to improve my writing, make me more comfortable and confident with my own skills again. I use the term ‘skills’ loosely because when I say skill, I actually mean; my magnificent ability to ramble through my fingers. Those ramblings usually being about nothing of any importance, with any direction. My grammar is a little shoddy too, not that I can tell although if we go by green squiggly lines – my grammar is great!

I do realise that my initial intent with this entry was to announce my afooting change and I’ve managed to produce a whole paragraph that has absolutely no information in it apart from the fact that I may not have an amazing grasp of grammar or skill.

THE CHANGE! No, I’m not going through the change but I am attempting to change. Not myself but my circumstances which could lead to me changing myself…

University! There that’s it, now it’s out there I don’t need to do this big dramatic build up. Put it out there, quick and painless, like the proverbial plaster. I’ve decided to go to university. I’ve had enough of the working life and I can finally afford to be part of that book wielding crowd. But the thing that scares me most apart from the title of ‘student’ is the writing. I’m not the most confident of essay writers, I have to say. I feel like a phoney when I write assignments and I always end up losing ‘my voice’ when I get part way through so when I do read it back to myself I don’t really recognise it as me but as some uneducated nut.

But I can change, it can change, everything can change, and it will. I’ve got nine months. Nine months to get my bum, brain and fingers in gear. I have to say, I don’t feel particularly comfortable using those body parts in the same sentence, they sound like the kind of weekend I don’t want to be a part of.

//Let’s take this back to the beginning – I p…p….plan…(I dislike the word plan as it usually leads to no plans) to push myself to write more often, ‘become one with the words’ you might say. It could be an update on my change, it could be an update on what’s in my fridge, it could be an update on the rejection letter (that’s right, I haven’t even been accepted yet so this could be a huge waste of time. That’s not true, everyone should know what’s in my fridge!).

Watch this space ——>     <——– or maybe that space ^ or if I could find the down arrow, I would suggest you watch there too.

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  1. pendantry says:

    Don’t spend too much time looking for the down arrow. You’ll go madder.

  2. Go madder? I don’t think that’s possible…but I do like a challenge!

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