Her words were a medley of rambles and confusion.

She thought they made sense but it was all a delusion.

A lexicon of nonsense that tried to pretend to be sane,

but nothing could hide the crashBangPOP in her brain.

Many have tried but most have failed

to follow her illogical logical trail.

Sometimes it can be wordy and sometimes it might not,

it could go on for ages or it could suddenly —

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2 thoughts on “STOP!

  1. pendantry says:

    Up there: ‘LEAVE A COMMENT’ but it also says ‘STOP!’

    Conflicting demands, keeping me on the hop

    But I must say I liked this, it really was fun

    Now I’ll go looking for more (hoping there’s not only one).

  2. Well thank you Sir. There is unfortunately only one at the moment, at least on this site. Give me some time and too much caffeine and I’m sure I’ll have a few more up there soon!

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