Resignation, renovation and relaxation.

Yes, I realise I haven’t made an entry since my drunken New Years ramble but that is because this year has been non stop. It’s only now that I am getting the chance to actually breathe and catch up with myself.
I did predict from the start that I would forget I own this and my updates would dwindle into nothing…I didn’t expect it to be so sudden though! But now, I hope, I will have more time to actually force myself into writing. I would also like to think that with the upcoming events I may have a few more interesting tales to tell.
So let’s have a quick update – in the past three months I have….

1. Been accepted into University (yippee!)

2. Decided to pay men to do my dirty work and will finally be getting people to turn my house into a habitable home. Gone will be the days of no floors, walls, ceilings and other inexplicable ‘quirks’ this house has to offer. By July I may have a fully functioning, warm, habitable house for the first time in the 26 years I have spent under this roof.

3. Booked a holiday to Thailand. Finally a place where I can comfortably leave the house wearing just a vest and not having to worry about a coat. (My holiday requirements are pretty basic…)

4. Finally and most recently – I’ve handed in my resignation. Two years later than I would’ve liked but I got there eventually. No more mindless procedure writing and paperwork idiot proofing. My shoulders can finally sink back into a healthy position and I might be able to go a day without developing one of those stressed eye twitches, which are always attractive on a woman!

Oh and one more thing –

5. We’re getting a puppy because I decided I didn’t have enough on my plate to contend with this year and what better addition to a newly decorated home than something with teeth.

Ok, so that is what has been happening and what is going to be happening if all goes to plan (which I have just now jinxed…) but I do promise to hopefully maybe (probably not) will try to update this more often. Not necessarily for other peoples benefit even though my rambles are full of riveting tales *cough* tosh *cough* …but for me to try and remember how to use words, form sentences and create something that is vaguely interesting.

WittyDittyInc – Take two.


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