Click-Clack, Tick-Tock

Three weeks of thumb twiddling to go until the gate is finally unbolted and I can frolic freely into the open pastures, away from this nasty place called ‘job’. I was told by a friend not to wish my time away and to do something constructive. So while this isn’t the most constructive thing I could probably be doing, it is certainly the most interesting and really is one of the few activities that make it sound like I’m doing work.

To add to this lie, through the droning click-clack sounds of the keyboard, I occasionally furrow my brow to convince others of the deep concentration involved with writing this ‘procedure’.

No one will suspect a thing… and even if I do, I’ll be long gone before they realise there wasn’t a trace of hard work in my final days as ‘Learner Data Coordinator’.

Yes, I’ll admit part of the reason I did apply for this job many years ago was because it rhymed, if only I knew at the time that with great rhyme comes great responsibility… greatly dull, repetitive responsibility of everything unimportant and uninspiring.

But none of that matters anymore! It’s time to brush that stress-laced layer of dust that has settled on my brain and finally let it shine again! I’m pretty sure there was a quirky personality hidden under there at some point. One that wasn’t quite so pessimistic and glum.

I suppose I should give this job some credit, had it not been  so intolerable I may not have pushed myself to create a new path and follow it. If it had remained as it once was, I might have not realised my ‘potential’ and grabbed that spoon to dig myself to freedom. So for that I thank you… thank you for being a bastard!

Well that killed 30 minutes… only 434 hours to go!

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