Thank you Sophie.

On Wednesday evening I lost my money, debit cards, ID and train ticket. My phone had died because I had left my charger at home. I found myself stuck over an hour away from home, at night, with no way of contacting anyone. I’ll admit, at first I cried, panicked and had a bit of a public ‘moment’, but then I kicked myself because only an hour before I was talking to two young girls that attend the youth club I volunteer with. They spent their time discussing with me self-harm, trouble at home, bullying and it was from that I realised I shouldn’t b!tch about my petty nonsenses. So as I made the twenty minute walk to the train station, I decided to give my remaining money (not enough to get me anywhere with) to a couple of homeless people with a dog because I didn’t see any point in keeping hold of it and they’d appreciate more.
When I arrived at the train station I asked to borrow a phone so I could phone someone for help, it was then that a lady named Sophie told me to follow her, she took me into the station’s office and offered me a free ticket to get home. I could’ve hugged her but I don’t think she would have appreciated it…
But none the less Sophie, you’re a lovely woman that I hope to bump into again soon. You were my Knight in fluorescent jacket.

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