Roar roar, I’m a dinosaur

I’ve not felt a grump like this in quite a long while,
Should I just pretend to be joyous and plead denial?
It feels like an ugly time waster and I’m not a big fan,
So wherever you are smiles, come back as fast as you can.

I’m sure I just saw you no more than half an hour ago
When we had the laughter and jokes going back  to and fro.
Now I’m having to suffer Jurassic park until you make your return
So I suggest you move your bum before my mood starts to turn.

My glum will shift to anger and I’ll become this roaring T-Rex,
Stomping and shouting and who knows who I’ll bite next?!
C’mon now it’s time to start running ’cause I’m starting to snap
So you better knock it off with the miserable sour-puss crap.

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