She counted the money slowly. Not missing one single dirt-stained note.

Looking up at the nervous man in front of her, she could see the sweat forming from his every pore. He was in her world now, performing in her circus ring. She was the Ringmaster of this business deal.


Acrid air suspended over the room. Her tailored shirt clung to her delicately sculpted form. The atmosphere left her feeling uncomfortable, but to those around her she denoted the epitome of cool, calm and collected.

The balding dishevelled man continued to twitch, only provoking her to prolong the processions. She knew the possibilities and probabilities of the whole situation, because that of course was her job. Nobody gets this far in the game without knowing the order of all the cards before their even dealt.

“You’re a hundred short.” Spoken with ease and calmness, yet she knew the man understood that mistakes were never tolerated, no matter how minor.

His thrumming fingers on the hard laminate table, amplified around the room, onlooking eyes watched pensively as he mopped his brow once more. Another sign of nervousness. Her eyes narrowed and his fingers moved to loosen his tie.

“Please. Can’t we make some sort of deal?”

He uttered almost involuntary. Immediately he pulled back knowing it wasn’t his place to make orders or compromises.

She tipped her head back, with a muffled, strained click. Staring at the tall alcoved ceilings, she caressed her bottom lip with her finger as if in a deep concentration. But she knew exactly what she wanted; she was just relishing in the tension. As the most powerful person on the board meant he had no choice; pay up or you’re done.

Rolling her head upright, her eyes levelled his anxiety with a steady stare.

“A deal?”

She gave him one last blink before flicking her eyes to his merchandise, seemingly weighing up her options. He looked as if he was about to collapse. She rose slowly, arching across the table, planting both hands firmly on the table and with a raised fist she slammed it down;

“Give me Mayfair and your ‘Get out jail free’ card and we have a deal!”

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2 thoughts on “Deal.

  1. DuckRepairer says:

    The writer had found her place.

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