Delighting in Distractibility.

I do have a definite love /dislike relationship with the ease of my distractibility.
Obviously, the dislike is concocted from those various unfinished ‘sensible’ tasks strewn about the place due to the inexcusable excuse of allowing my attentions to wander off into the world of nonsensical and unknown.
But it is in those moments that I fall head over heels, chest thumpingly & heart-eyedly in love with my distractive tendencies. Following those beguiling cookie crumbs of random knowledge and adventure feed my candy-coated nonsensapotamus. Without those distractions I would feel like a rusty ol’ robot, running that predetermined coding called life. Planned distraction doesn’t work; forcing ones self to have a moment of whimsicality only makes this magpie more cranky.
So yes, I may end up with a garage full of unticked to-do lists and frowny-faced-foot-tappers on my tail but my quixotic brain can rest peacefully knowing it followed it’s fancies.

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