A Streak of Wisdom?

I found a grey hair, that’s a lie, my hairdresser found the grey hair. When she plucked it from my bonce, I clasped it with awe, held it up to the light and strained my eyes to focus on the truth.

My first grey hair…



I knew I probably shouldn’t have felt joyful but I did! I cradled it to my bosom and scurried home to lay it to rest in my jewellery box. People looked at me as if I had gone completely barmy, when I tell them in a too-enthusiastic tone that I found grey and it lives in a box.

But I don’t care, it makes me smile, I’ve leveled up in life, I have endured enough mental battering to move on the next zone!

Occasionally I like to look at it, really stare at it’s silvery sheen, reminding myself that life is ticking so I better make the most of it.

So I do actually own some wisdom, it lives in a glass container, with all my other precious gems.

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