A Recent Romance

It’s only recently that I became absorbed by nature, beginning to notice things that I used to take for granted, for that Nature, I am sorry, you’re a lovely creation that deserves better.

I have fallen in love with going to the park, at night, after a heavy rainfall, when the skies have cleared to unveil the sparkling constellations and the energetic children have gone home to seek their slumber.
Sacrificing my nice clean boots and freshly washed jeans, I wander to the middle of the darkened field, soaking my ankles as I leave muddy footprints in my wake.
When I reach the middle I close my eyes, fill the depths of my lungs with oxygen, open my ears and just stop.
It is only then that I can hear the dulcet sounds of the post-Winter grass consuming the water, absorbing every drop, preparing itself for a new year’s Spring.
In that moment I am wallowing in calm, every trial and tribulation in my life sinks down, into the soil getting recycled into new life.
After a few more breaths, I open my eyes and stare up at the stars; it is in the twinkling light of those metaphorical wonders that I’m filled with inspiration and determination.

Life is bigger than daily stresses, things are constantly transforming all around and I’m not going to be that stubborn lifeless rock that refuses to move away from the familiar.

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3 thoughts on “A Recent Romance

  1. Josephine Eight Again says:

    Josephine was here; lurking, watching, eating Creme Eggs. Jx

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