A Horse Named Stress

When I’m stressed I draw.

Well not draw – I wouldn’t say draw – more doodler.

I’m a prolific doodler.

To anyone around me that really knows me, it’s the warning light that I’m retreating into my own little bubble, pen in hand, scribbling ferociously, with my tongue clenched between my teeth, on every piece of empty space of paper, or skin. When doodling transfers to my arms, you know there’s a big storm brewing between my closed off ears.

It’s nice for everyone around me because they get a quiet WittyDi producing endless streams of amusing doodles but it’s bloomin’ annoying for me because I really like the stuff I produce when I’m stressed unfortunately I tend to only be able to create them when I am stressed.

Anything I draw when I’m happy is just awful and I don’t want to have to get myself all worked up just so I can produce a fluffin’ delightful picture of a lion or weird little geek child in a red and white polka dot tie.

Curse you creativity, curse you and that stressed-out horse you rode in on!



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