My Week in Random Photos

It’s been a odd week of essay writing and procrastination (the latter not doing much to help the former) so I’ve decided to do something a bit different this week.

I have a habit of taking pictures, all of the time, of nothing particularly fascinating, but I never share them, which is probably for the best most of the time.

But this week I’m going to reveal to the world a visual representation of a week in my life. I apologise…





So the week started with an impromptu trip to the pub. I had cheese covered in bread and too many glasses of wine, but that’s a different story we don’t need to discuss.

However, when the wine instructed me to go to the loo I found this and for some reason it made me giggle…

Someone, somewhere was obviously going to be having a very peculiar evening, while anyone else hoping to get laid or been hit by ‘the curse’ were going to be bitterly disappointed.








While taking my dog for a walk (and by taking my dog for a walk I mean I tried to stay upright while he dragged me around the forest) Jumping in every muddy puddle he could find, which would’ve been fine if I had remembered to bring a towel…

Anyway, back to the photo!

So after I forced Orson to paddle in the stream we walked past this tree.

This huge second moon sized tree.

For some reason I became fascinated by it, staring at it long enough for passers-by to offer me confused and worried glances.

So instead I decided to take a photo instead because as the saying goes: “take a photo, it’ll last longer!”

But when I got home to look at the photo I realised how rubbish my photography skills actually are. Looking at this picture didn’t have quite the same satisfaction as when I was in the park.

Nevermind, I’m sure I’ll go visit it again soon.

This is my interpretation of a hotdog


My first experience of whiskey and peppermint cordial (in a wine glass)

My last experience of whiskey and peppermint cordial (in anything).


The Ducket vs. Government Policy

This is The Ducket. In case you haven’t already guessed – Ducket is a duck with buckets on his feet. He is my superhero.


What could possibly be more intimidating and frightening to a bad guy than a duck with buckets on its feet coming at you?!


A slow transition from enthusiasm to brain melt

The rest of my week has pretty much been spent looking like this. Shackled to the desk, trying to write about things I really don’t understand, with the occasional visit to the kitchen for more coffee and peanut butter on toast.

I only have 500 words left, which I could’ve probably have finished by now if I hadn’t done this, but where would be the fun in that??


Oh and one last thing before I go – If all else fails and you think you’re completely losing marbles… just climb aboard that loopy train, draw a mustache and turn yourself into the French Hulk.

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