I feel like I’ve lost my sense of belonging. I’m an outsider lost in limbo. Older than half the people around me but with the knowledge of a youngun’. I’m not a part of anything and I have no one to identify with, I feel quite lonely and lacking in something to put my abilities to the test. Maybe I should except hopes as empty and put myself to the test instead. Read, read, read and train myself so I can feel more competent. Stop feeling like the victim of the situation and make myself the champion.

It’s going to take drive, dedication and determination. I can’t let this rut get to me and I’m not sure why age has suddenly hit me, I feel like the behind child in class, struggling to catch up with the other kids.

Or, as I described to the Squishy Lamb; in a room fully of chatty French people, where I can understand the odd phrase but get frustrated that I can’t participate in the whole conversation.

I know it’s all about patience but I’m worried I’m always going to be behind now and I’ve started getting annoyed at my past self for not figuring out what I wanted to do sooner.

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5 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. I have felt that way and I am sure many people have. I still feel lost at certain points during the day. The best thing is to keep moving forward with life. Nothing is going to happen if we wait and do nothing. If we keep trying and doing new things, even if we fail we are at least moving in the right direction. I touched on a couple of these points in my blog recently. We all feel lost, but that does’t mean we can’t make a change and take control of our lives. Best of luck with everything 🙂

  2. Wow! That’s me talking. How did you get in my brain?
    I’ve had 4 years of Limbo here so I totally identify with this. I’m starting to make very small headway. I’ve found

    • Ah, great minds limbo alike!
      I really hope it doesn’t last 4 years though, and I hope you manage to get out of yours soon, too. Slow steady steps and I’m sure we’ll conquer that limbo pole!

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