Today we were walking through the cathedral grounds, I heard a helpless squeak and saw a crow swoop by with something in its feet, he landed in a tree, dropping what he had in his evil claws!
I saw a little mouse hobble away through the grass, exposed to the elements and the beady eyes of the crow peering down at him from the tree.

Well, I couldn’t very well leave the injured mouse to fend for himself (yes, even if it is the ‘circle of life’!). So I took off my cardi, picked him up, wrapped him up and held him to my chest (lucky mouse!!) while we made our journey home.

Luckily, my neighbours were well equipped with a variety of hamster cages, sawdust and food, and kind enough to lend it to me despite thinking I’m absolutely loco…

Cecil Jingles , seems quite the brave little soul, not scared of my face spying him through the plastic as he nibbles on a dried pea.

Unfortunately I’ve been told I’m only allowed to keep him until he is mended and then return him to his natural habitat. Hopefully, I can find him a nice girlfriend in that time…


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