It was always thought that she was better suited for the pages of animated fiction. Her look and personality, something constructed to entertain the lives of others. A whimsical charm played across her face, while mischief danced clumsily in her eyes.
Never one for the tribulations of reality, she walked through life with a bounce. Never letting her heels touch the ground. Hop-scotching from one mile stone to the next. One could mistake her for a child if it wasn’t for a pronounced curve to her body. Mind of a slightly twisted Hanna-Barbera character, body of 1950s pin up girl lost in the 21st century.
Skin marred by inked art and make up. Natural beauty lost to a bottle of hair dye and charcoal eye liner. Wrapped up in torn baggy jeans that sat on her heavy hips. Which if it wasn’t for the tattered belt that she’d spent half her time destroying with scissors and lighters, would probably be at her ankles. Thus revealing a pair of polka-dot undies, that she bought purely because they put a smile on her face and knew would not match that stripy padded bra worn under a She-Ra t-shirt to boast the top measurements.
Her socks did not match either and she would spend her days explaining the magic of odd socks to the various people that passed through this quirky bubble she called life, most giving her a look of amused confusion. A look she had grown to love and revel, due to its ever growing familiarity on her path.
Drugs were often considered a cause for her behaviours by those who didn’t know her, and even by some that did. Though despite her upbringing and the fact that she was conceived while her father was on speed, her only true vice was that of candy.
Her innocent greys would sparkle at the sound of a sweet wrapper, the glint of multicoloured gems or the tingling taste of sugary delights. This was a never ending love affair, she knew she would not lose hold of. And if there was the promise of a plastic encased toy to be had, well then her day would be complete.
Oh, this silly little bean enjoyed being that little dose of happy in peoples jumbled lives. Help them too to break away from reality, even just for a moment. If they had problems, she would be the smiling clown with petal pistols and rubber shoes to assist them in a well earned step back from life’s button wars.
At least that’s what she hopes she was doing.
Never one to want burden others with her troubles, she would take her issues and lock them in a box, and lock that box in another box and hide it in the corner of the fictional cave she called her mind.
She will deal with her problems when the stars stops shining, the carousel stops spinning and when penguins stop being black and white.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. ennypenelope says:

    OMG Like I said you are SO cool. I hope I remember to look at this. xxx

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