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Mindful Dog Stroking and Things

Things…….have happened, recently.

Bad things.

Well, maybe ‘bad things’ isn’t the correct label, more like changing things. Things with an unknown direction. Things that are going to create a lot of twists, turns and bumps. And while I may not be completely comfortable talking about the specifics of these things at the moment, they are still things, my things, and they have triggered a shift in my brain.

Through the tears, the laughter, the anger and confusion, I’ve realised that I really need to do some ‘mental maintenance’. If I don’t nip things in the bud, I am going to become a person I don’t want to be and I don’t want to have to look to medication to muffle the chaos. So, in the momentum of these changing winds I have taken it upon myself to improve my state of mind, find a new sense of calm and experience some clarity. Lady Anxiety has played too much of a leading role in my movie and it’s time for her to step out of the spotlight.

-Cue Mindfulness-

Although it is still early days, I am slowly but surely absorbing and embracing some of the tips, tricks and habits of mindfulness. And I have to say; it is quite delightful. Yes, I might be approaching it a bit haphazardly (as I typically do with most things) I am still feeling the benefit. For someone with a heavy overthinking addiction, it’s been gloriously shoulder-relaxing to channel my focus into something beneficial. I’m realising that the things I once enjoyed have silently slipped out of my weekly routine, lost to panic and tiredness, which is why I make my return to the blog. It has been months since I’ve written more than 20 words for myself. I can already feel my fingers twitching to ramble about nonsense again…

With that I bring you Mindful Dog Stroking!Dog – fun for all the family! Well, for Orson (the chunky brown bear) and me! Yes, his beefy happy face is fantastically calming in its own right, but adding mindfulness to the mix has made our ‘Mother and Son’ bonding even more relaxing. In return for my thoughtful grooming and fuss, Orson has been teaching me to appreciate the little things in life; the smell of trees, the squeak of a toy or the crunch of a biscuit. And while I may not start sniffing lamp-posts anytime soon, I am learning to stop and appreciate the nuances of everyday life, one breath at a time.

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Who are you?!

I didn’t think I had changed that much in the past few years.

Ha! In my head I still think I look like I did when I was 10 years old.

But today, while tackling the chaos that is my home I found these old photo passes and gosh, I do not recognise this person at all. It’s nice to have a visual on how I’ve changed, it just goes to show how bloomin’ awful my memory is!

(it’s also reminded me why I shouldn’t cut my hair short again…)

Who are you?!


It is quite bizarre and has made me realise how quickly time can pass if you don’t take a second to look at your watch.

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What a difference a week makes…

Last Monday I was about to profess to my blog how amazingly life was finally going. I had rid myself of the conniving demons of 2012, with 2013 looking to be a year of great fortune, smiles and positive change.
Unfortunately, my optimism peaked too soon.
Through the week bad news slowly trickled in; firstly with the discovery that my university course may not give me the relevant qualification to get where I want to go. By Thursday the bad news decided to act as more of a flood than an inconvenient faucet drip. I received a gut-punching phone call from my brother to tell me he has to have the second half of his thyroid removed, along with an iodine scan due to the discovery of a cancerous tumour. Nobody expects that kind of news, especially from a healthy 21 year old boy. It’s not fair, the poor kid has never done anything bad in his life (except maybe steal a smartie from the pic’n’mix counter when he was 4) but he doesn’t deserve this kind of crap. I am in awe of his strength and calmness, I just hope he has the sense to vent when he needs it and not just bottle it up. Luckily, his friends and our family are pretty darn amazing and there to support him every step of the way, despite his stubborn stoic behaviour.
And while this was devastating enough to take in, to add insult to injury, my house decided to just make it that bit more exciting by literally trickling… two leaking walls now grace my house, in two separate areas.
I hate not being positive, it annoys me when I do everything to be the optimistic bumblebee of the group only to have my wings pulled off. Especially as it took nearly four years to regain my sanity after my father passed away. I’m 26 years old but at this moment in time I feel about 80, all I want to do is hide under my blanket, eating worthers original until the sun comes out.

Oh, and one of my university assignments involves exploring social networking communities, which led me here, which led to this rant, which I had no intention of writing but it actually feels good to get it off my chest.

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