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On Tuesday I got on the train and sat next to an old man with a beard, he had a dog the size of a horse (I’ll admit, the dog was the reason I sat there so I could say hello to him) and he started sniffing my leg (the dog, not the man), the man asked if I had a dog, I said yes and carried on stroking the dog.

When the train started moving again, the old man grabbed his crutches and got up, leaving the dog attached by his lead to the chair, I pressume he was going to the toilet, he didn’t say but instead just wandered off, leaving me unknowingly in charge of the dog.

This was all well and good until the food cart started rolling down the walkway, towards this brickwall of a dog that didn’t seem in any hurry to move out of the way.  There was no sign of the old man returning any time soon, everyone else avoided eye contact (as the British do) so I decided I would try and move the dog. With the aid of a squeaky voice, forceful nudging and other weird noises that I’m sure confused the dog as well as those around me, I managed to get him to sit under the table so the food cart could pass.

I thought my job had been done but oh no, the dog had other ideas; he came wandering out from the table and plonked himself next to me. I gave him a stroke and then sat back.

He whined.
I stroked him again.woof
He whined.
I stroked.
He whined.



I ignored him, thinking that was just what he did.
He whined and pawed my leg.

I had made a new friend…

For the next 15 minutes I stroked this dog (not that I was complaining, I bloomin’ love dogs) in fear that he would kick me in the leg again.

The owner hadn’t come back at this time, but then he was on crutches and the toilets were pretty far away… but my stop was approaching and I had to make my way off. For a couple of minutes I contemplated staying on the train and missing my stop just so I could stay with the dog. (I also thought about taking the dog, thinking the old man had left him for me.)
As I got up and walked away, he looked at me with sadness and with a little whine… I felt like such a bastard!

I stepped off the train and we never saw each other again. I really hope his owner came back soon.

I miss that dog, he made my week.

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Adios April!

This post has demonstrated to me that I have far too much time on my hands, so I am determined to make May the productive month, kicking off with a level-up in the aging process next week. But I still have 14 hours of April left so I am back to experimenting with ways I can utilise the endless streams of useless photos I own, instead of letting them just reside as megabyte thieves.


Monday – Ah yes, Monday… going by this photo I can tell you Monday was not very productive at all and this photo proves to be the most exciting and productive thing to come out of it. I applaud my dogs patience sometimes, especially as I told him to wait while I took a photo.

Tuesday – Now, I was going to lie here but I already feel uncomfortable at the thought of it so I’m going to tell you the truth… this photo wasn’t taken on Tuesday, it was taken on Saturday but Tuesday was spent lounging in my pyjamas and nobody needs to see a photo of that. But I’m not just showing you a random picture of my shoes, I did buy these on Saturday and yes, I’ll admit they look like ordinary shoes (I’m probably hamming this up a lot more than I probably should be…) but you see those laces…. they took me 45 minutes to lace! It consists of two ribbons of different lengths and a lot of patience. They are just so pretty but now I’m too scared to wear them in the fear all my hard work will unravel!

Wednesday – The night of cocktails and sisterly advice. My brother invited me out for a meal organised by a charity for the ‘cancer crew’, which is a gather of all the young people in our area going through cancer treatment. My brother had never been on one of these before and he’s not the biggest talker, whereas I am, so he invited me along to do my social bumblebee bit! And it was great, I think it was nice for him to see he wasn’t the only youngun’ having to deal with all the treatment nonsense. It was great for both of us when we shared some cocktails and got to have a nice brother-sister chat when everyone left!

Thursday – I’m starting to worry about this new tree obsession…it was a sunny day and we had taken The Orson out to the forest to roam the land, pretending to be a mighty hunting dog, when really he couldn’t find a tennis ball if you waved it in his face. But I became really fascinated (I’m ashamed to say…) with stumps of huge fallen trees. Animals had obviously burrowed under them and made new homes but they made me feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland and I was half tempted to go hunting for the white rabbit! Unfortunately, I think if I had done that, at best I would’ve been faced with an angry badger, not an unpunctual bunny.

Friday – This is me pretending to look forlorn and deep. When really I was just bored on the train, with a camera in my hand. This happens more than I care to admit, but still, I like this photo.

Saturday – I got assessment feedback on Friday that made me really happy, but it made me so happy I kept rereading it on Saturday….and sunday…and yesterday… and today…. I’ve never gotten such praise for my school work in all my years and the fact that the lecturer even wrote ‘WOW!’ just made me even more giddy. Allow me a moment to bask in my nerdiness.

Sunday – We went to a place called ‘The Food Factory’, which as the name suggests wasn’t the finest of dining experiences… the food wasn’t bad, but then it wasn’t exactly good either. It was edible. What did amuse me was the sign warning me that egg fried rice contained egg, which did make me understand a bit better what kind of customers they attract… Why have a taken a picture of the air vent? Well, every time I see these at places I stare at them a bit longer than I should in the hope that one day I will see Bruce Willis scrambling through it, I’m not sure what I will do should that day happen but it doesn’t stop me waiting. The day ended with what looks like me drinking wine with my eye and pretending to lick the Squishy Lamb, the way all weeks should end…

Oh, and that plane you see there… I made that plane and it is amazing. It flies and it even does somersaulting flight tricks. This made so happy I yelped in the ‘factory’, causing everyone to look at me with confused concern…

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Abby and the Old Lady

I have a house phone and I have a mobile phone. Everyone important to me and worth talking to only have my mobile number, the house phone is just there because it came with the internet. The only people that ever ring that phone are salesmen trying to talk to me about my non-existent PPIs (I have no idea what they are…) or entice me with new double glazing. At first I would answer them, get annoyed and hang up, and then I just started to ignore them, now I love them.

Now I can’t wait to receive calls to my house phone because it allows me the chance to channel my obsession with talking in silly voices and unleash my vocal acting skills. My skits with these people are becoming more embellished and amusing over time.
It started with a simple “Hello?! My Mummy and Daddy aren’t home right now, bubbye!” in a child’s voice, followed by a prompt hanging up.

I then became an old lady with a hearing problem, constantly asking them to repeat stuff and silently mumbling to myself about my hearing aid playing up again. They soon get tired and hang up on me, which I think is a bit cruel to the old lady.

My latest and greatest has been a conversation involving two characters from me and the poor unsuspecting salesman. And it went a little something like this (You’ll have to apologise, I can’t exactly remember what the salesman said because I was too involved in my own characters)

-cue ringing phone-

Toddler’s voice: “Heelloooo!”
Salesman: “Hello, could I speak to Mrs. X please?”
Toddler’s voice: *giggle* “MUMMY!!! THERE’S A PERSON ON THE PHONE!”

-phone fumbling-

Toddler’s voice: “Mummy’s just coming…”
Mum’s voice: *muffled in the background* “Abby, I’ve told you not to answer the phone. Pass it to me and play with your toys”

-pretend to take the phone from the pretend toddler with a pretend sigh-

Mum’s voice: “Hello?”
Salesman: “Hi, is that Mrs. X?”
Mum’s voice: “Yes, this is—- Abby, no, put that down, you’ll break it, come here!”
Salesman: *tries to talk, but keeps getting interrupted by the mischievous Abby mumbles*
Mum’s voice: “Look I’m sorry, I can’t talk I hav—-“


It was long and unnecessary, I’ll admit but it amuses me for 5 minutes and I like to make it a little bit more adventurous every time. I’m hoping to eventually up it to 3 characters next time to really stretch myself.

So yes, in the future – remember, if you want to have a conversation with me you need to call my mobile otherwise you’ll face the likes of Abby or the Old Lady!

Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller

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Time: Free to a Good Home

It was about six years ago when I became obsessed with volunteering, helping out with charities and doing things for good causes. It was at a time when I was getting angry that I couldn’t do anything to help my dad when he was going through cancer treatment, but instead of dwelling on it I decided to channel it into something positive. Not only did it make me feel better about using my energy for good but it kept my brain occupied when things got bad.

I used to occasionally do it when I could alongside my office job, which was both a good and bad thing because yes, I was helping people but it was also making me hate my job. I could see that all this stress and anguish I was feeling was for no other reason than to give the bigheads their statistics and projected earnings. I wouldn’t have minded getting stressed over something that was ultimately going to make a positive impact on someone but for that kind of nonsense? No.

Luckily, my Squishy Lamb could see how miserable I was becoming and told me to quit my job, go to University and study something that matters to me. It took a little while to me to get over the idea of being a ‘kept woman’ because I hate not being able to pay my own way, but at the same time I appreciated the sacrifice he was making for my dream.

So I did it, I quit my job and never looked back. Got accepted into University to do Childhood, Youth & Community Studies (a mouthful, I know) and I finally found what I was meant to be doing.

It was on this course that a guy came into to talk about the local YMCA centre for young people and that they were in desperate need of volunteers.
I signed up.
As soon as I got there I fell in love with it. I loved the people, the atmosphere and the work they were doing with these kids. Hearing their stories could be heart breaking but at the same time, but seeing their smiles and enthusiasm would be incredible.

Now my first year of university has ended and I have 5 months to kill until I go back, so I’ve had to decide what to do.
Option One: Get a job in a shop and learn nothing new but get paid.
Option Two: Volunteer full-time, helping people and absorbing all the free information and life experience I could get my eyes on.

No question really, I went with option two and it was in that decision I realised that if I’m willing to do this volunteer work, full-time, for free, I know I have found my perfect job in life.

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1. Despite Santa mistaking me for a boy on more than one occasion, I am in fact a girl.

2. I had a pet mouse for 17 hours when I was a child.

3. I got my first (Stolen!) motorbike when I was 7 years old.

4. I have a bruise on my right foot that has been there since I was 3 years old.

5. I was conceived when my dad was taking speed, which would explain a few things…

6. Tarsiers are my favourite animal, partially because I think they have amazing skulls.

7. I can dislocate both of my shoulders.

8. I’m only ticklish on the palms of my hand and the roof of my mouth.

9. I like to wear Christmas socks with bells on all year round because they make me feel like a pixie.

10. I used to hate sloths but I’m slowly starting to appreciate them. I think if I got to hug one I might overcome my fear.

11. I once danced on stage with De La Soul.

12. I’ve met up and partied with a lot of people I’ve met on the internet. I’m impressed I haven’t been stabbed yet.

13. My local prostitutes like to make sure I get home safely when I walk home drunk.

14. I like to crack my neck to make people uncomfortable.

15. I’ve always wanted to break and arm or a leg but my bones are just stubbornly strong.

16.I have no road safety sense. I seem to think I’m tougher than cars because I will walk out into the road and expect cars to stop.

17. I want to be a Youth Worker one day so I have made it a thing to try as many things as possible so I can understand what they might be going through.

18. I’m obsessed with fancy dress despite never going to fancy dress parties.

19. A monkey once pulled my hair and refused to let go.

20. I’ve slept in a house and on a bed made of elephant poo.

21. When I was a baby I ate a bolt.

22. I have a crush on Johnny Bravo.

23. I never open letters, I get someone else to do it. Unless I know what’s in it, I panic.

24.30% of my speaking life has been spent making funny voices.

25. I got an A in woodwork when I was 16. I really wish I had kept up with doing woodwork.

26. I collect random little things that make me happy and store them in a huge vase so I can appreciate them all day.

27. I still play with lego…alone.

28. I don’t know what I’d do without a dictionary. I love words.

29. Seeing only 6% of the world upsets me a lot.

30. I collect old Bibles. I don’t know because I’m not religious, I just think they’re beautiful.

31. As a child I used to build sandcastles with blocks of wood hidden inside them so if any mean child tried to kick it over they’d break their toes.

32. I can’t bowl. Every time I try bowling I end up throwing the ball into the next lane.

33. I prefer to use men’s cologne over women’s perfume.

34. I own cassette tape box set of Lord of the Rings.

35. I have no musical talent, my brother stole it all. I stole the confidence, together we’d make an awesome rock star.

36. I had two Chinchillas as a child – one named Isaac and the other named Trotsky. Trotsky commited suicide and Isaac ran away.

37. It took 5 minutes for me to think of point to put here so I decided to write this while I think of number 38.

38. Despite having hundreds of notepads, post-its and electronic devices, I still rely on the back of my hand for important information I need to remember.

39. I’ve worked as a DJ in Thailand, when I was 9 years old.

40. I haven’t had a full head of natural hair colour since I was 10 years old.

41. I think stepping on a grape is what it’d feel like to step on an eyeball.

42. I’ve had tea and biscuits on a replica of Noah’s Ark.

43. I really want to go swimming in the river right now but it is dark, freezing and I’m already in my onesie.

44. I found letters in the attic from the previous owner, which seem to have been written to him while he spent time in a mental institution. I’ve put them in chronological order, stored them in plastic and hope to one day try and write his story.

45. I will write and illustrate a children’s book.

46. I love making people happy.

47. My cat’s name is Ninja Dave Juan Lee One.

48. I’ve been trying to understand Twitter all week and I still haven’t got a clue.

49. Since going to University I’m starting to think I might not be just a pretty face and there may well be a few sparks in this grey matter between my ears.

50. I’m obsessed with buying vintage buttons on eBay just because I like to wonder about their histories, where they’ve been, who has worn them and what outfits they belonged to.

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